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Mildred and Mareen – The Orchestra Years — April 30, 2015

Mildred and Mareen – The Orchestra Years

Welcome to Mildred and Mareen – The Orchestra Years.

Around 1925 my great grandmother Mildred Couch formed an “All Girls Orchestra” (That is how they were billed back then). Rather unusual for that day and age. In addition to being the leader, Mildred also played the sousaphone. Her eldest daughter Mareen joined the orchestra when she was only 15 and played the banjo, piano and did some singing and dancing.

I have recently come across Mildred’s diary and some letters that she wrote to her husband Sigler Couch and youngest daughter Bonnie Couch and thought this would be a good way to share them with family and others who may be interested. I will do my best to post the entries word for word but naturally with the age of the diary, some of the entries have faded a bit. Also, Mildred always spelled Maureen’s name without the ‘u’ therefore that is how I will spell it throughout. For the most part the names mentioned in the diary will be either family members or other members of her orchestra. A lot of the places, restaurants and landmarks will be from around Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. I hope you enjoy!

Mildred and sousaphone ca. 1925
Mildred and sousaphone
ca. 1925
Mareen and banjo ca. 1926
Mareen and banjo
ca. 1926
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Inspirations – The Rosebud Orchestra — June 21, 2017

Inspirations – The Rosebud Orchestra


Recently, I created this post for Instagram and I started reminiscing about these ladies again and how much they really did inspire me.  Great grandma Mildred is pictured above with the sousaphone and the latest hairstyle of the day called the Marcel Wave. Grandma Mareen (or Reenie as we called her) is pictured with the banjo and the top photo is a few of the girls in their Chinese Rosebuds costumes.

I have vague memories of grandma showing me her scrapbooks when I was younger and I know that was what started my love of family history and vintage.  I wish I had asked more questions of my grandma, and most importantly, written things down! I’d love to have heard her stories of life on the road and in the orchestra, although I have a feeling some stories she would have wanted to share when I got older 😉

Turner Classic Movies and Fathom Events have been bringing classic movies back to the big screen where they belong, and a couple weeks ago I watched again, the 1959 movie “Some Like It Hot”, with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. I like to imagine that’s what Mildred and Mareen were like during their orchestra days. Traveling around with all the “girls” and practicing on the bus or the train, a few wild parties here and there, although always chaperoned by Mildred’s hubby Sig 🙂 What a life that must have been.

My advice – talk to your relatives. Ask about their history and listen to their stories of growing up and life when they were young. I’m sure they’d enjoy re-living their adventures and you might even be surprised at what they tell you.

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Happy Birthday Donald O’Connor! — August 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Donald O’Connor!

Donald O'Connor                                  Donald O'Connor

August 28, 1925 – September 27, 2003.

During their years travelling with the orchestra, Mildred and Mareen became friends with the O’Connor family and a certain little “small fry” known as Donald.  In their collection of memorabilia were these autographed photos which read “To Mildred and Sig with love, Donald O’Connor (Small Fry).

In June of 2003 my dad (Michael Edmunds) took one of the photos to the Judy Garland Festival in Grand Rapids, MN where Donald was a guest. He showed Donald the photo, which he enjoyed seeing again, and then he autographed it again to me! What a wonderful man 🙂

donald o'connor looking at my pic                donald o'connor looking at pics      donald o'connor signing my pic                donald o'connor and mike

He was a brilliant entertainer and I have enjoyed many of his movies and seeing him as a guest on many television shows. One of my most favorite scenes is in “Singin’ in the Rain” when he and Gene Kelly perform “Moses Supposes”. The dancing is fabulous and the lyrics are just hysterical! Of course the most famous scene is “Make ’em laugh” where he does all kinds of acrobats and physical comedy – very vaudevillian. I also really loved the movie “There’s No Business Like Show Business” where he plays a young man growing up in a vaudeville family. Lots of good singing and dancing in that one.

Once again, happy birthday Donald, and I’ll leave you all with my favorite dance number. If you’ve not seen the movie yet, this scene happens just after the talkies start becoming big. All the silent movie stars now need to learn how to “talk” on film. This scene starts with Gene Kelly taking his vocal lesson.  Enjoy!! 🙂

Moses Supposes

April — July 28, 2015


April 1, 1926
Dolly went to work for her brother today as he is short of help. Had birthday cake & ice cream melon for Sig today. Sig and I went to town.

April 2, 1926
Rehearsals postponed until after Easter. Received special from Avis. Will be here Sat. A.M.

April 3, 1926
Went shopping in morning but had all girls here for talk. Mr. Hess gave me Nan Elliott’s address for Pantages* time. I wired her to see if she could use us.

April 4, 1926
Mareen, Bonnie & I went to church. Had late dinner and Marjorie Anderson was here.

April 5, 1926
Mareen started school again. Sig & I went to see Hess. He told us to call on the Earls at Pantages to get line on route. Saw them at Elgin. Swell people.

April 6, 1926
Received letter from Nan Elliott wanting information & photos. Girls here for rehearsal at 7.30 P.M. Had lunch. All feeling good at prospects.

April 7, 1926
Called Nan Elliott and she told me to see Mgr. here for booking, but he has Nellie Jay & Her Jay Birds** the 25th. But he is willing to see act and give her report. Left photos.

April 8, 1926
Dolly’s aunt died so no rehearsal. Mr. Bastin and four others called and we sure had a nice time. His sister is afraid of husband so called to see Sig.

April 9, 1926
Wired Nan Elliott last night to try and book us for showing in Chi. Went to the Orpheum with Mapol & Florence. Had lunch at town pump. Mr & Mrs. Cassidy were there.

April 10, 1926
Had the Earls here for dinner. Mareen, Bonnie & I went to see them at the Pantages. Baby June*** does a single & sure good. Bonnie gave her a box of candy. I got their pictures.

April 11, 1926
Rehearsal here.

April 19, 1926
Agnes Gilbertson tried out for violinist

April 20, 1926
Another rehearsal with Agnes. Turned her down.

April 29, 1926
Mr. McGuire asked us to fill in date for Nellie Jay & Girls at Pantages. Had rehearsal.

April 30, 1926
Rehearsal at Pantages at 10:30. Played three shows. Went over big.


**Nellie Jay and Her Jay Birds

***I would imagine she is referring to this Baby June however I do not have any other documentation or any photos to back that up.  UPDATE 02.15.16 – I went to see “Gypsy” last night at the Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis and before the show they gave a brief history of the theatre. They mentioned that Madame Rose and her children most likely played this theatre, therefore more than ever I believe that is who Mildred is talking about when she references Baby June. Still looking for that picture that Mildred mentioned – I’ll post it if I ever find it! Linda.


March — June 28, 2015


March 1, 1926
Met all kids in town – selected dresses and shoes. Called La Blanc – promised dresses. I sure told him what’s what. Burnbach refused to let Bernice Lund play. No wire from Ruth.

March 2, 1926
Ruth wired she’d come back if I sent $30. Got Lucille Cosgrove on violin. Had rehearsal and she is ok. Wired Ruth money. Everything ok now.

March 3, 1926
Sig wired he’d be back tomorrow with dresses. Had rehearsal here with Lucille Cosgrove. Bernice wrote she will be back tomorrow. I cancelled dresses.

March 4, 1926
Everyone here for rehearsal except Ruth. We expect her here tonight. Sig came this morning with dresses. Some excited bunch.

March 5, 1926
Ruth wired she can’t come back. Avis will play. We rehearsed at Garrick this A.M. Sounds great. Avis does Rose and Minnetonka fine so all is ok.

March 6, 1926
Oh boy – back of foots again with beautiful setting of green metal. All shows great. Encore last show which is so unusual for movies. Sig couldn’t work.

March 7, 1926
Bonnie with us for matinee. I gave up whistling (too hard). Shows going great. Mgr. very well pleased. Alice came and took us home in car.

March 8, 1926
Bernice Lund & Edna came to see us at Matinee but we didn’t do so well. Lloyd Fish & Gordon Cook called to see me at 7: P.M. Night show great.

March 9, 1926
All week Louise is working on stage with Lou Emmels. He is going to put our picture on 50,000 copies of music. Mrs. Greene, Mrs. Lockwood, Mrs. Sorenson called.

March 10, 1926
Gee we are going big. Everyone in town saying how good. Asst. mgr & mgr both wild about band. Saw Murphy & he promised more bookings. (Above expectations)

March 11, 1926
Freddie Welz came to see us. Music publishers calling all the time to get us to use their numbers. All know us as Musical Misses around Chicago.

March 12, 1926
Last day & sure sorry. Mr. Segelbaum said he will give me swell recommendation and copy of comments usher got from audience. Bernice Lund called again said it is great.

March 13, 1926
Had pictures taken at Sussman. Got more bookings from Murphy. Everyone sure tickled. I know we will get good bookings soon.

March 14, 1926
Mapol here for dinner. Sig’s day off. He & I went to 7th St. Mama, Fern, Ed Shores all listened to Swedish sermon over radio.

March 15, 1926
Had dental work done. Called for proofs. Rehearsal at 6 P.M. here. Sig & I  went to chicken shack with Dr. Clancy & party.

March 16, 1926
Went to Dentist. Had rehearsal here. Had lunch at Eva’s. Bob Wheeler here for rehearsal. Prospect of Purity bookings.

March 17, 1926
To dentist again. Saw Murphy. Cancelled bookings because he figured $107 short. Rehearsal here at 1:30 P.M.

March 18, 1926
Finished at dentist. Argued with Murphy again. Had chow mein with Sig. Rehearsal here at 1:30 P.M.

March 19, 1926
Cancelled our bookings with Murphy. Rehearsal at 1:30 here. Got promise of Purity bakery proposition. Dolly, Mareen, Bonnie & I went to State.

March 20, 1926
Got promise of Murphy’s circuit with Purity. Smithy called and gave us last half of next week at Fargo for Orpheum.

March 21, 1926
Whole family here at once. Sold Charlie our new rug.

March 22, 1926
Sick with cold. Rehearsal here at 1:30. School board on war path. (I assume Mareen has been skipping school in order to rehearse? Linda.)

March 23, 1926
Rehearsal at 1:30. Had birthday party for Bonnie at four o’clock. Packed for Fargo. Got Bonnie ready to stay with Goldie.

March 24, 1926
Got call sheet from Garrick. Ok. My first trip out as mgr. Some kick I’ll get. Left at 12:01 for Fargo. Met Grace Aldrich.

March 25, 1926
Pictures & orders sent to theatre from Chi. office. Everything ok. Beautiful chairs, drop and platforms all ready. First show very good. Rehearsal – girls got funny & I told them if they don’t like the way I do things we will quit. Ok now. Stopped the show cold tonight. Five curtains & an encore.

March 26, 1926
Rehearsal at twelve sure swell. Wonderful matinee. Stopped the show tonight. Grace Aldrich invited me to play for stag for $15.00 but I didn’t. Sig called me.

March 27, 1926
Last day but five shows. Left for Mpls. 12:39. I got pay and paid girls at depot and checked baggage. It sure is fun to be mgr.

March 28, 1926
Bonnie at Cassidy’s We all had dinner there but came home early. All too tired to do anything so went to bed early.

March 29, 1926
Emily went home. Avis stayed in N. Dak. for a few days. Went to see Hess and he is sure pleased and interested in band.

March 30, 1926
Had rehearsal at 2:30 P.M. Gave Sig his bathrobe as we tossed coin to see if he should wait until Apr. 1. Bernice was leaving for home today.

March 31, 1926
Rehearsal at 2:30 again. All anxious to work so sure must get some kind of booking.

February — June 19, 2015


February 1, 1926
Babe, Sig and I went to Wells to spend the evening. Met Mr. Flack. Played poker and had a nice lunch. Took cab both ways.

February 2, 1926
Went shopping for Bonnie. Met girls at hall and Lucille had Mr. Christ talk to them to try to get us to go on a road show on one day stands. No one would.

February 3, 1926
Mr. B. took Em. home but will let her come back for me. Girls  all want me to take act. Lu called and said for Sig to try to book us. Lu sore and trying to work against us.

February 4, 1926
Had luncheon at Dayton’s* with Eva. Met Bob Lapino and he took me to Mr. Murphy. told Lucille and had a real quarrel with her over it. Girls for me.

February 5, 1926
Girls all met at hall and Lucille had lied so to each on and tried to put Louise and Bernice out that they said they were thru. She resigned. I took act. Wired Leo.

February 6, 1926
Stayed home all day but sure was busy. Girls all called and for me strong. Cleaned all day and had my hair marcelled.

February 7, 1926
Had Cassidy’s all over for dinner except Patsie as she had bad cold. Goldie came over in evening for fruit cup.

February 8, 1926
Eva and I had lunch in Dayton’s Tea Room. Saw Mr. Murphy about F & R. Had rehearsal at Oak Grove Hotel. Tom called for us and took me home.

February 9, 1926
Rehearsal at Oak Grove. Mr. Cruger wild about band. Leo and Walter went with us to State – dance at Oak Grove and Nankin** for chow mein.

February 10, 1926
Oak Grove rehearsal. Mr. Cruger offered our band three dance jobs. Said they would even pay. Mary’s father died.

February 11, 1926
Got Bernice Lund to lead as Grace Currie couldn’t leave town. Mary & Bernice are both home. Em out for lunch.

February 12, 1926
Received special from Bernice saying she can come back. Letter from Mr. La Blanc saying he has New York bookings.

February 13, 1926
Mary & Bernice came back for rehearsal. Played for party at Oak Grove. Everyone yelled and went wild over it.

February 14, 1926
Had rehearsal at Oak Grove. Sig gave me cupie doll. Swell Valentine’s from kids and Sig.

February 15, 1926
Rehearsal at Garrick*** at ten a.m. Had loads of fun carrying drums for Em thru alleys from Cosmopolitan. Looked for dresses all afternoon.

February 16, 1926
Gave Mr. Murphy showing at Garrick. Crazy about band and will book us. Em went home. Dolly, Mareen, Eva & I had lunch and sent Leo special.

February 17, 1926
Called at Murphy’s office with Sig. Doesn’t want to pay over four hundred for act. Having papers for house transferred to F. G. Walker.

February 18, 1926
Nice letter from Mr. McGuire. All band girls here for rehearsal. Had lunch.

February 19, 1926
Looked for dresses. Dolly, Mareen and I selected dresses at Dayton’s Babe got wire saying come to K.C. and bring Bonnie.

February 20, 1926
Cleaned all day. Babe packing. Babe, Jo & I went to Lake Street and got Jr. a suit. Lucille called at 10 P.M. accusing me of getting music with her name.

February 21, 1926
Whole family over. Babe & Jr. left at 4.20. Went to depot. Had all band girls here for supper. Agreed to play for F & R.

February 22, 1926
Met girls at 11 A,M. at Dayton’s. Had lunch with Mary. Called on Lu Emmels and Mr. Courtney to explain Lu has nothing to do with band. O.K. All had dinner at Cassidy’s.

February 23, 1926
Met Pete & Freddie at F & R offices. Mary Maher & Mr. Dick over in evening. He took Sig & I to Depot. Sig going to Chi. and no telling where else. Dick took me home.

February 24, 1926
Arranged all papers with Walker. I bought swell silks. Murphy told me we are booked at Garrick Mar. 6. Telegram from Sig (do not get dresses).

February 25, 1926
Got money from Fruedenfeld. Paid bills. Rehearsal at our house. Bernice & Em home but both coming back. Em & Sig both called me.

February 26, 1926
Signed for band with Murphy – Had rehearsal here. No word from La Blanc yet. Sig promised to wire but haven’t heard from him today.

February 27, 1926
Looked for dresses with Dolly. Got pictures from Sussman Studio for F & R. Ruth got wire to come home – brother sick – what next? Dolly and I silly and laughed over phone.

February 28, 1926
Rehearsal. Dolly stayed for supper and we memorized all evening. Sig called me from Louisville.


*Dayton’s (The last sentence of the description is so true! Everyone I know still calls it Dayton’s even though it has been 2 different stores since then!)



1926 January — June 15, 2015

1926 January

January 1, 1926
Received telegram from my darlings-Lu & I had dinner with Harry Stein. Around the globe laying off here. Argued over untidy room & Lu said I’ll get a room alone & I said ok. Had real beer with H.S.

January 2, 1926
Called at police dept & a hardware store to see Couch but E.H.O. Couch was home sick. Too far out. Had beer with Emily & Bob LaSalle. Mr. McGuire gave me tickets for our fare and left it to me to see all ok.

January 3, 1926
Left 8 A.M. for Chi. Ambassador – Got off at Englewood & cab fare was high so Lu & Louise tattled and McGuire was sore. I had some scrap but made them like it. Jap’s scaffold broke while on rope above audience.

January 4, 1926
At La Blanc’s office asked me to bring Mareen to Chi – Did some shopping and got tickets for home. Dolly & Ruth stayed in Chi and I am on train for home. Oh boy.

January 5, 1926
Came in at Milwaukee and Sig at Union. Went with Mareen to dancing & banjo. Mama & I took cab to Ruth’s. All sick.

January 6, 1926
Had lunch in Dayton’s Tea Room with Eva and Patsie. Gave me perfume and gloves. Met Mareen at Scott’s. Eva had buick cab take me there. With Mareen to banjo lesson.

January 7, 1926
Went shopping with Babe and Bonnie and took Bonnie to dentist. Got shoes and dress at E.L.A. Sig, girls and I had dinner with Cassidys and Mareen took 2 dancing and 2 banjo lessons.

January 8, 1926
Yesterday Babe & I called on Irma Spencer. Bonnie’s teacher Laura at our house for dinner. Mareen & I went to Jr. and got ID card. Sig, Leone, Walter & I went to Nankin for dinner and dance.

January 9, 1926
Had lunch at Mapol’s. Came home with us in cab. Everyone at our house. Left for Chi. at 8: P.M. Such a blue night. Never again for me if I get out of this.

January 10, 1926
Arrived Chi. 8.35 – Took cab to Walton. Met Dolly & Ruth. Took cab to Berwyn. Lucille & McGuire had real fight. The four horsemen all the cause of it over Xmas day banquet & dress.

January 11, 1926
Left for Aurora 11 a.m. Mary missed train and got in at 1:30 in time for matinee. Staying at Aurora Hotel $4.00 double. Some crazy theater only two acts.

January 12, 1926
Kittie Mulhall called at theater and invited us to V.F.W installation. Lu & I went and they introduced us to all at meeting. Had real banquet. Left hotel & went to Riverside Hotel.

January 13, 1926
Refused invitation to go with Mary & bunch for beer and dance. Playing for B & K.

January 14, 1926
Arrived Elgin 12 midnight. Everyone upset no bookings yet. Some excitement at first show. Curtain knocked lamps over and nearly hurt kids. Light on easel for radium.

January 15, 1926
About six in audience at matinee. Had rehearsal. Mr. McGuire went to Chi. about bookings with no results.

January 16, 1926
Not a letter all week. It sure makes me blue. Mgr. said we have a flashy act and would be great for B & K. Telegram changing us from Chi. to Racine Wis.

January 17, 1926
Left for Racine 7:20. Wrong place so Mgr. called Leo & he said mistake, go back to Chi. and play American. Train held ten minutes for us. Made it on time but not the baggage so no first show for us.

January 18, 1926
Man chased Dolly, Lu & me home last night. Went thru Art Institute. Saw Leo and no bookings. All up in arms ready for home. Sig called me at Walton. Kids against me.

January 19, 1926
Mary & I went thru Field’s Museum. Wonderful. Saw La Blanc & no news. Met McGuire. Went to Sherman with him and he told me all LaBlanc told him. Leo told him everything girls said about him.

January 20, 1926
All met at LaBlanc office. Show down so Leo gave us tickets home. I went with McGuire to warehouse and then all met at Sherman. He showed us all pay statements. Had drinks.

January 21, 1926
Left Chi. 8:35 a.m. on train. Conductor congratulated me on my good girls. Some old duffer thought I was a Charleston dancer. Dolly, Em & I had circus. Took pictures on train.

January 22, 1926
Sig & I went with Mareen to take banjo lesson. Had horn sent to Lake St. Met Edna Pershman.

January 23, 1926
Sig & I went to Mapol’s for eight o’clock dinner. Had nice visit then took cab home.

January 25, 1926
Had rehearsal – Mareen started school again but came to rehearse at 4. Did better than I expected.

January 26, 1926
Rehearsal at 3:00. Mareen did fine today. Babe Garrity & I went to covered dish supper at Bryant Junior in honor of Mr. Good new Bryant principal.

January 27, 1926
Rehearsal at 3:00 but I was late and had luncheon and went shopping with Mrs. Franklin. Sig there when I got there to see about F & R Circuit

January 28, 1926
Mareen graduated from Jr. at 2: P.M. I was about the only mother there. Babe, Sig & I went to Franklin’s for 6:30 dinner. Met Mrs. Tourilliger & Mr. Welsh

January 29, 1926
Our orchestra played at winter garden at 11:15 P.M. Babe & I went to police ball. Some swell time. Gordon Cook took us to club & home. Lucille promised us job.

January 30, 1926
Mama had party for me. Had showing at Hennepin Orpheum for road show. Mr. Crutchfield took us to first growers dance. Met lot of our friends there. He took babe & me home. Sig went to work.

January 31, 1926
Had Em, Dolly & Mary for dinner. Sure did haul over the orchestra. everyone disgusted with Lucille for telling so many stories. Want Sig & I to manage.

December — June 1, 2015


December 1, 1925
Vice Pres. N.V.A.* called on me and offered me a job in his musical drama. Took Lucille & me to supper.

December 2, 1925
Mr. McElhaney brought old violin to hotel to show us. Stage man gave Mary & me swell wine. Mr. Denison of Mpls. Took Lucille & me to supper

December 3, 1925
Arrived Battle Creek 11:15 a.m. Met Denison. Took us riding. Saw largest sanitarium in world**, Kellogs & Posts mfg. Mr. McElhaney called to tell us more of plan.

December 4, 1925
Mary & I went shopping. Bought mamma’s and my darlings gift. I wish I was at home with my loves more today than ever. Bass player in pit visited with me between shows.

December 5, 1925
Mary, Lu & I went to Eastern Star Bazaar. Had lunch there. Was surely treated fine as star. Stage mgr. shriner ate there with his mother & us. (Bass player left pit to tell me good bye.)

December 6, 1925
Left for Saginaw 5:08 a.m. Four shows and stopped three.

December 7, 1925
Went shopping. Met a nut (Collins) Took Lucille & me to dinner. Lucille met him in Detroit at Grand Riviera. Stg. mgr. gave us all candy bars and a box of chocolates.

December 8, 1925
Shopping again. Lu & I are eating in our room as her mother sent a big box of pastries and cakes. Hotel proprietor, Harold Gordon brought us beer & club house sandwiches.

December 9, 1925
Nothing new but shopping some more. More candy from Charlie the stage mgr. May Bartel new dancer. Some kid.

December 10, 1925
Took electric to Bay City. Four shows and sure going great. Mgr. said he wished we were here Xmas week he would take us all to dinner.

December 11, 1925
Packed my gifts for home and am some tired. Sure using encore here. H. Gordon was here and left note for Lucille at desk. Amateur night. Little girl like Bonnie made me cry.

December 12, 1925
Took train to Dupont-Canadian National to Port Huron. Some foreigners on with long tassel caps. Stayed all night at Port Huron (summer resort).

December 13, 1925
Took White Star bus to Mt. Clemens mineral health resort. Our bus hit Ford car. No one hurt. Took electric to Detroit. Stayed at Victory Annex all night.

December 14, 1925
Took boat to Windsor Ont. Canada. Staying at Prince Edward. Wonderful hotel. Dolly, Lucille & I went to Detroit for Chow Mein and mail at Wolverine.

December 15, 1925
My darling called me. Oh so wonderful. Richard Vinton here. Only two shows. Mary & I went to Detroit for mail and supper and Vinton trio. Dolly & I went for long walk and took breathing exercises.

December  16, 1925
Mary & I went to Detroit. Rehearsal with Wrights. We three had scrap with Lu about going to Detroit to live while laying off. She had a guy she wanted to stay for. We didn’t stay.

December 17, 1925
Left Windsor for Detroit and rehearsal at Grand Riviera. All got mad at Lu again for keeping us waiting at boat. Lost one for her. Saw Wright dancers. Staying at Fuller.

December 18, 1925
Rehearsal with Wrights at Grand Riviera. Had my hair Marcelled*** and went shopping with Dolly. Dolly & I went to dinner alone & surely enjoyed it. Mary, Art & I went to Capital & Briggs. Heard 17 rosebuds. sure great.

December 19, 1925
Left 9:10 for Louisville. Met Mr. Caroll. His cousin M. Clayton married Chas. Couch. Had supper in Cincinnati with him. Arrived Louis. 9:52. Visitors met us at National Theatre.

December 20, 1925
Geo. Mack took Lu & I  to dinner. Met Nan. Cy & Mamie Couch. Mr. Smith (Nancy’s Beau) took us there in car. Took me to Cunninghams, had beer & lunch then home. All glad to see me.

December 21, 1925
Sent last Xmas box home. Geo. Mack told Lu he sure admired me. Very few wives loved their husbands like I do after yrs. of married life.

December 22, 1925
Had dinner at Couches. Some good. Hot biscuits & all. Took cab and just barely made theatre on time. Mr. Butler clerk at Kenton Hotel knew Couches so had nice visit.

December 23, 1925
Had dinner at the Watterson and it sure made me lonesome for my darling. Mr. McGuire sat with us and had a delightful chat. Same old lady at desk as when we were here.

December 24, 1925
Took electric at 7:45 for Indianapolis. Had breakfast on buffet car. Some excitement at theatre over my darling ring. Had tree and party in kids’ room at Lincoln Hotel. McGuire mixed Golden Fizz.

December 25, 1925
Oh such a day. Mr. McGuire gave us grand dinner in Italian room at Lincoln. Telegram & special from my love & babes. Dolly & I both wanted to cry over my ring. Mgr of Keith’s gave banquet at Athletic Club for all.

December 26, 1925
Last night Ned Norworth**** was toast master. Had lunch in dressing room & Mr. Cogley gave us French pastry & candy. Left for Gary Ind. on pullman.

December 27, 1925
Arrived at Hammond took street car for Gary. My darling gave me a wonderful surprise and came to Gary. He took Lu, Mr. McGuire & me to dinner. Took train to Chi. at 1:16 pm.

December 28, 1925
Met Dolly & Mary at Grant Hotel. Sig & I went to La Blanc’s. Called Dolly & Mary but only Dolly in so we three had dinner.  Went to State lake and then visited.

December 29, 1925
Slept late. Had breakfast in hotel coffee shop. Heard Paul Ash***** at McVickers****** Dinner at north American. Dolly, Mary, Lu & Em came in our room and we had high balls. Sure enjoyed having my lover.

December 30, 1925
Kids left for Peoria at 1 p.m. Sig & I went to Chicago theater then to dinner. My doll came to station with me. I left at 5:33 and Sig at 6:35 for home. I had some cry on train. Arrived at 9:55

December 31, 1925
Three shows with after piece. Thru at eleven thirty. Mary, Lu & I went to chop house then to Ingleterra Hall. I played sousaphone with ten piece men band for dance.


**Largest Sanitarium in the World


****Ned Norworth

*****Paul Ash


Mareen and Mildred with the Marcel Wave

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