Recently, I created this post for Instagram and I started reminiscing about these ladies again and how much they really did inspire me.  Great grandma Mildred is pictured above with the sousaphone and the latest hairstyle of the day called the Marcel Wave. Grandma Mareen (or Reenie as we called her) is pictured with the banjo and the top photo is a few of the girls in their Chinese Rosebuds costumes.

I have vague memories of grandma showing me her scrapbooks when I was younger and I know that was what started my love of family history and vintage.  I wish I had asked more questions of my grandma, and most importantly, written things down! I’d love to have heard her stories of life on the road and in the orchestra, although I have a feeling some stories she would have wanted to share when I got older 😉

Turner Classic Movies and Fathom Events have been bringing classic movies back to the big screen where they belong, and a couple weeks ago I watched again, the 1959 movie “Some Like It Hot”, with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. I like to imagine that’s what Mildred and Mareen were like during their orchestra days. Traveling around with all the “girls” and practicing on the bus or the train, a few wild parties here and there, although always chaperoned by Mildred’s hubby Sig 🙂 What a life that must have been.

My advice – talk to your relatives. Ask about their history and listen to their stories of growing up and life when they were young. I’m sure they’d enjoy re-living their adventures and you might even be surprised at what they tell you.