April 1, 1926
Dolly went to work for her brother today as he is short of help. Had birthday cake & ice cream melon for Sig today. Sig and I went to town.

April 2, 1926
Rehearsals postponed until after Easter. Received special from Avis. Will be here Sat. A.M.

April 3, 1926
Went shopping in morning but had all girls here for talk. Mr. Hess gave me Nan Elliott’s address for Pantages* time. I wired her to see if she could use us.

April 4, 1926
Mareen, Bonnie & I went to church. Had late dinner and Marjorie Anderson was here.

April 5, 1926
Mareen started school again. Sig & I went to see Hess. He told us to call on the Earls at Pantages to get line on route. Saw them at Elgin. Swell people.

April 6, 1926
Received letter from Nan Elliott wanting information & photos. Girls here for rehearsal at 7.30 P.M. Had lunch. All feeling good at prospects.

April 7, 1926
Called Nan Elliott and she told me to see Mgr. here for booking, but he has Nellie Jay & Her Jay Birds** the 25th. But he is willing to see act and give her report. Left photos.

April 8, 1926
Dolly’s aunt died so no rehearsal. Mr. Bastin and four others called and we sure had a nice time. His sister is afraid of husband so called to see Sig.

April 9, 1926
Wired Nan Elliott last night to try and book us for showing in Chi. Went to the Orpheum with Mapol & Florence. Had lunch at town pump. Mr & Mrs. Cassidy were there.

April 10, 1926
Had the Earls here for dinner. Mareen, Bonnie & I went to see them at the Pantages. Baby June*** does a single & sure good. Bonnie gave her a box of candy. I got their pictures.

April 11, 1926
Rehearsal here.

April 19, 1926
Agnes Gilbertson tried out for violinist

April 20, 1926
Another rehearsal with Agnes. Turned her down.

April 29, 1926
Mr. McGuire asked us to fill in date for Nellie Jay & Girls at Pantages. Had rehearsal.

April 30, 1926
Rehearsal at Pantages at 10:30. Played three shows. Went over big.


**Nellie Jay and Her Jay Birds

***I would imagine she is referring to this Baby June however I do not have any other documentation or any photos to back that up.  UPDATE 02.15.16 – I went to see “Gypsy” last night at the Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis and before the show they gave a brief history of the theatre. They mentioned that Madame Rose and her children most likely played this theatre, therefore more than ever I believe that is who Mildred is talking about when she references Baby June. Still looking for that picture that Mildred mentioned – I’ll post it if I ever find it! Linda.