March 1, 1926
Met all kids in town – selected dresses and shoes. Called La Blanc – promised dresses. I sure told him what’s what. Burnbach refused to let Bernice Lund play. No wire from Ruth.

March 2, 1926
Ruth wired she’d come back if I sent $30. Got Lucille Cosgrove on violin. Had rehearsal and she is ok. Wired Ruth money. Everything ok now.

March 3, 1926
Sig wired he’d be back tomorrow with dresses. Had rehearsal here with Lucille Cosgrove. Bernice wrote she will be back tomorrow. I cancelled dresses.

March 4, 1926
Everyone here for rehearsal except Ruth. We expect her here tonight. Sig came this morning with dresses. Some excited bunch.

March 5, 1926
Ruth wired she can’t come back. Avis will play. We rehearsed at Garrick this A.M. Sounds great. Avis does Rose and Minnetonka fine so all is ok.

March 6, 1926
Oh boy – back of foots again with beautiful setting of green metal. All shows great. Encore last show which is so unusual for movies. Sig couldn’t work.

March 7, 1926
Bonnie with us for matinee. I gave up whistling (too hard). Shows going great. Mgr. very well pleased. Alice came and took us home in car.

March 8, 1926
Bernice Lund & Edna came to see us at Matinee but we didn’t do so well. Lloyd Fish & Gordon Cook called to see me at 7: P.M. Night show great.

March 9, 1926
All week Louise is working on stage with Lou Emmels. He is going to put our picture on 50,000 copies of music. Mrs. Greene, Mrs. Lockwood, Mrs. Sorenson called.

March 10, 1926
Gee we are going big. Everyone in town saying how good. Asst. mgr & mgr both wild about band. Saw Murphy & he promised more bookings. (Above expectations)

March 11, 1926
Freddie Welz came to see us. Music publishers calling all the time to get us to use their numbers. All know us as Musical Misses around Chicago.

March 12, 1926
Last day & sure sorry. Mr. Segelbaum said he will give me swell recommendation and copy of comments usher got from audience. Bernice Lund called again said it is great.

March 13, 1926
Had pictures taken at Sussman. Got more bookings from Murphy. Everyone sure tickled. I know we will get good bookings soon.

March 14, 1926
Mapol here for dinner. Sig’s day off. He & I went to 7th St. Mama, Fern, Ed Shores all listened to Swedish sermon over radio.

March 15, 1926
Had dental work done. Called for proofs. Rehearsal at 6 P.M. here. Sig & I  went to chicken shack with Dr. Clancy & party.

March 16, 1926
Went to Dentist. Had rehearsal here. Had lunch at Eva’s. Bob Wheeler here for rehearsal. Prospect of Purity bookings.

March 17, 1926
To dentist again. Saw Murphy. Cancelled bookings because he figured $107 short. Rehearsal here at 1:30 P.M.

March 18, 1926
Finished at dentist. Argued with Murphy again. Had chow mein with Sig. Rehearsal here at 1:30 P.M.

March 19, 1926
Cancelled our bookings with Murphy. Rehearsal at 1:30 here. Got promise of Purity bakery proposition. Dolly, Mareen, Bonnie & I went to State.

March 20, 1926
Got promise of Murphy’s circuit with Purity. Smithy called and gave us last half of next week at Fargo for Orpheum.

March 21, 1926
Whole family here at once. Sold Charlie our new rug.

March 22, 1926
Sick with cold. Rehearsal here at 1:30. School board on war path. (I assume Mareen has been skipping school in order to rehearse? Linda.)

March 23, 1926
Rehearsal at 1:30. Had birthday party for Bonnie at four o’clock. Packed for Fargo. Got Bonnie ready to stay with Goldie.

March 24, 1926
Got call sheet from Garrick. Ok. My first trip out as mgr. Some kick I’ll get. Left at 12:01 for Fargo. Met Grace Aldrich.

March 25, 1926
Pictures & orders sent to theatre from Chi. office. Everything ok. Beautiful chairs, drop and platforms all ready. First show very good. Rehearsal – girls got funny & I told them if they don’t like the way I do things we will quit. Ok now. Stopped the show cold tonight. Five curtains & an encore.

March 26, 1926
Rehearsal at twelve sure swell. Wonderful matinee. Stopped the show tonight. Grace Aldrich invited me to play for stag for $15.00 but I didn’t. Sig called me.

March 27, 1926
Last day but five shows. Left for Mpls. 12:39. I got pay and paid girls at depot and checked baggage. It sure is fun to be mgr.

March 28, 1926
Bonnie at Cassidy’s We all had dinner there but came home early. All too tired to do anything so went to bed early.

March 29, 1926
Emily went home. Avis stayed in N. Dak. for a few days. Went to see Hess and he is sure pleased and interested in band.

March 30, 1926
Had rehearsal at 2:30 P.M. Gave Sig his bathrobe as we tossed coin to see if he should wait until Apr. 1. Bernice was leaving for home today.

March 31, 1926
Rehearsal at 2:30 again. All anxious to work so sure must get some kind of booking.