February 1, 1926
Babe, Sig and I went to Wells to spend the evening. Met Mr. Flack. Played poker and had a nice lunch. Took cab both ways.

February 2, 1926
Went shopping for Bonnie. Met girls at hall and Lucille had Mr. Christ talk to them to try to get us to go on a road show on one day stands. No one would.

February 3, 1926
Mr. B. took Em. home but will let her come back for me. Girls  all want me to take act. Lu called and said for Sig to try to book us. Lu sore and trying to work against us.

February 4, 1926
Had luncheon at Dayton’s* with Eva. Met Bob Lapino and he took me to Mr. Murphy. told Lucille and had a real quarrel with her over it. Girls for me.

February 5, 1926
Girls all met at hall and Lucille had lied so to each on and tried to put Louise and Bernice out that they said they were thru. She resigned. I took act. Wired Leo.

February 6, 1926
Stayed home all day but sure was busy. Girls all called and for me strong. Cleaned all day and had my hair marcelled.

February 7, 1926
Had Cassidy’s all over for dinner except Patsie as she had bad cold. Goldie came over in evening for fruit cup.

February 8, 1926
Eva and I had lunch in Dayton’s Tea Room. Saw Mr. Murphy about F & R. Had rehearsal at Oak Grove Hotel. Tom called for us and took me home.

February 9, 1926
Rehearsal at Oak Grove. Mr. Cruger wild about band. Leo and Walter went with us to State – dance at Oak Grove and Nankin** for chow mein.

February 10, 1926
Oak Grove rehearsal. Mr. Cruger offered our band three dance jobs. Said they would even pay. Mary’s father died.

February 11, 1926
Got Bernice Lund to lead as Grace Currie couldn’t leave town. Mary & Bernice are both home. Em out for lunch.

February 12, 1926
Received special from Bernice saying she can come back. Letter from Mr. La Blanc saying he has New York bookings.

February 13, 1926
Mary & Bernice came back for rehearsal. Played for party at Oak Grove. Everyone yelled and went wild over it.

February 14, 1926
Had rehearsal at Oak Grove. Sig gave me cupie doll. Swell Valentine’s from kids and Sig.

February 15, 1926
Rehearsal at Garrick*** at ten a.m. Had loads of fun carrying drums for Em thru alleys from Cosmopolitan. Looked for dresses all afternoon.

February 16, 1926
Gave Mr. Murphy showing at Garrick. Crazy about band and will book us. Em went home. Dolly, Mareen, Eva & I had lunch and sent Leo special.

February 17, 1926
Called at Murphy’s office with Sig. Doesn’t want to pay over four hundred for act. Having papers for house transferred to F. G. Walker.

February 18, 1926
Nice letter from Mr. McGuire. All band girls here for rehearsal. Had lunch.

February 19, 1926
Looked for dresses. Dolly, Mareen and I selected dresses at Dayton’s Babe got wire saying come to K.C. and bring Bonnie.

February 20, 1926
Cleaned all day. Babe packing. Babe, Jo & I went to Lake Street and got Jr. a suit. Lucille called at 10 P.M. accusing me of getting music with her name.

February 21, 1926
Whole family over. Babe & Jr. left at 4.20. Went to depot. Had all band girls here for supper. Agreed to play for F & R.

February 22, 1926
Met girls at 11 A,M. at Dayton’s. Had lunch with Mary. Called on Lu Emmels and Mr. Courtney to explain Lu has nothing to do with band. O.K. All had dinner at Cassidy’s.

February 23, 1926
Met Pete & Freddie at F & R offices. Mary Maher & Mr. Dick over in evening. He took Sig & I to Depot. Sig going to Chi. and no telling where else. Dick took me home.

February 24, 1926
Arranged all papers with Walker. I bought swell silks. Murphy told me we are booked at Garrick Mar. 6. Telegram from Sig (do not get dresses).

February 25, 1926
Got money from Fruedenfeld. Paid bills. Rehearsal at our house. Bernice & Em home but both coming back. Em & Sig both called me.

February 26, 1926
Signed for band with Murphy – Had rehearsal here. No word from La Blanc yet. Sig promised to wire but haven’t heard from him today.

February 27, 1926
Looked for dresses with Dolly. Got pictures from Sussman Studio for F & R. Ruth got wire to come home – brother sick – what next? Dolly and I silly and laughed over phone.

February 28, 1926
Rehearsal. Dolly stayed for supper and we memorized all evening. Sig called me from Louisville.


*Dayton’s (The last sentence of the description is so true! Everyone I know still calls it Dayton’s even though it has been 2 different stores since then!)