January 1, 1926
Received telegram from my darlings-Lu & I had dinner with Harry Stein. Around the globe laying off here. Argued over untidy room & Lu said I’ll get a room alone & I said ok. Had real beer with H.S.

January 2, 1926
Called at police dept & a hardware store to see Couch but E.H.O. Couch was home sick. Too far out. Had beer with Emily & Bob LaSalle. Mr. McGuire gave me tickets for our fare and left it to me to see all ok.

January 3, 1926
Left 8 A.M. for Chi. Ambassador – Got off at Englewood & cab fare was high so Lu & Louise tattled and McGuire was sore. I had some scrap but made them like it. Jap’s scaffold broke while on rope above audience.

January 4, 1926
At La Blanc’s office asked me to bring Mareen to Chi – Did some shopping and got tickets for home. Dolly & Ruth stayed in Chi and I am on train for home. Oh boy.

January 5, 1926
Came in at Milwaukee and Sig at Union. Went with Mareen to dancing & banjo. Mama & I took cab to Ruth’s. All sick.

January 6, 1926
Had lunch in Dayton’s Tea Room with Eva and Patsie. Gave me perfume and gloves. Met Mareen at Scott’s. Eva had buick cab take me there. With Mareen to banjo lesson.

January 7, 1926
Went shopping with Babe and Bonnie and took Bonnie to dentist. Got shoes and dress at E.L.A. Sig, girls and I had dinner with Cassidys and Mareen took 2 dancing and 2 banjo lessons.

January 8, 1926
Yesterday Babe & I called on Irma Spencer. Bonnie’s teacher Laura at our house for dinner. Mareen & I went to Jr. and got ID card. Sig, Leone, Walter & I went to Nankin for dinner and dance.

January 9, 1926
Had lunch at Mapol’s. Came home with us in cab. Everyone at our house. Left for Chi. at 8: P.M. Such a blue night. Never again for me if I get out of this.

January 10, 1926
Arrived Chi. 8.35 – Took cab to Walton. Met Dolly & Ruth. Took cab to Berwyn. Lucille & McGuire had real fight. The four horsemen all the cause of it over Xmas day banquet & dress.

January 11, 1926
Left for Aurora 11 a.m. Mary missed train and got in at 1:30 in time for matinee. Staying at Aurora Hotel $4.00 double. Some crazy theater only two acts.

January 12, 1926
Kittie Mulhall called at theater and invited us to V.F.W installation. Lu & I went and they introduced us to all at meeting. Had real banquet. Left hotel & went to Riverside Hotel.

January 13, 1926
Refused invitation to go with Mary & bunch for beer and dance. Playing for B & K.

January 14, 1926
Arrived Elgin 12 midnight. Everyone upset no bookings yet. Some excitement at first show. Curtain knocked lamps over and nearly hurt kids. Light on easel for radium.

January 15, 1926
About six in audience at matinee. Had rehearsal. Mr. McGuire went to Chi. about bookings with no results.

January 16, 1926
Not a letter all week. It sure makes me blue. Mgr. said we have a flashy act and would be great for B & K. Telegram changing us from Chi. to Racine Wis.

January 17, 1926
Left for Racine 7:20. Wrong place so Mgr. called Leo & he said mistake, go back to Chi. and play American. Train held ten minutes for us. Made it on time but not the baggage so no first show for us.

January 18, 1926
Man chased Dolly, Lu & me home last night. Went thru Art Institute. Saw Leo and no bookings. All up in arms ready for home. Sig called me at Walton. Kids against me.

January 19, 1926
Mary & I went thru Field’s Museum. Wonderful. Saw La Blanc & no news. Met McGuire. Went to Sherman with him and he told me all LaBlanc told him. Leo told him everything girls said about him.

January 20, 1926
All met at LaBlanc office. Show down so Leo gave us tickets home. I went with McGuire to warehouse and then all met at Sherman. He showed us all pay statements. Had drinks.

January 21, 1926
Left Chi. 8:35 a.m. on train. Conductor congratulated me on my good girls. Some old duffer thought I was a Charleston dancer. Dolly, Em & I had circus. Took pictures on train.

January 22, 1926
Sig & I went with Mareen to take banjo lesson. Had horn sent to Lake St. Met Edna Pershman.

January 23, 1926
Sig & I went to Mapol’s for eight o’clock dinner. Had nice visit then took cab home.

January 25, 1926
Had rehearsal – Mareen started school again but came to rehearse at 4. Did better than I expected.

January 26, 1926
Rehearsal at 3:00. Mareen did fine today. Babe Garrity & I went to covered dish supper at Bryant Junior in honor of Mr. Good new Bryant principal.

January 27, 1926
Rehearsal at 3:00 but I was late and had luncheon and went shopping with Mrs. Franklin. Sig there when I got there to see about F & R Circuit

January 28, 1926
Mareen graduated from Jr. at 2: P.M. I was about the only mother there. Babe, Sig & I went to Franklin’s for 6:30 dinner. Met Mrs. Tourilliger & Mr. Welsh

January 29, 1926
Our orchestra played at winter garden at 11:15 P.M. Babe & I went to police ball. Some swell time. Gordon Cook took us to club & home. Lucille promised us job.

January 30, 1926
Mama had party for me. Had showing at Hennepin Orpheum for road show. Mr. Crutchfield took us to first growers dance. Met lot of our friends there. He took babe & me home. Sig went to work.

January 31, 1926
Had Em, Dolly & Mary for dinner. Sure did haul over the orchestra. everyone disgusted with Lucille for telling so many stories. Want Sig & I to manage.