December 1, 1925
Vice Pres. N.V.A.* called on me and offered me a job in his musical drama. Took Lucille & me to supper.

December 2, 1925
Mr. McElhaney brought old violin to hotel to show us. Stage man gave Mary & me swell wine. Mr. Denison of Mpls. Took Lucille & me to supper

December 3, 1925
Arrived Battle Creek 11:15 a.m. Met Denison. Took us riding. Saw largest sanitarium in world**, Kellogs & Posts mfg. Mr. McElhaney called to tell us more of plan.

December 4, 1925
Mary & I went shopping. Bought mamma’s and my darlings gift. I wish I was at home with my loves more today than ever. Bass player in pit visited with me between shows.

December 5, 1925
Mary, Lu & I went to Eastern Star Bazaar. Had lunch there. Was surely treated fine as star. Stage mgr. shriner ate there with his mother & us. (Bass player left pit to tell me good bye.)

December 6, 1925
Left for Saginaw 5:08 a.m. Four shows and stopped three.

December 7, 1925
Went shopping. Met a nut (Collins) Took Lucille & me to dinner. Lucille met him in Detroit at Grand Riviera. Stg. mgr. gave us all candy bars and a box of chocolates.

December 8, 1925
Shopping again. Lu & I are eating in our room as her mother sent a big box of pastries and cakes. Hotel proprietor, Harold Gordon brought us beer & club house sandwiches.

December 9, 1925
Nothing new but shopping some more. More candy from Charlie the stage mgr. May Bartel new dancer. Some kid.

December 10, 1925
Took electric to Bay City. Four shows and sure going great. Mgr. said he wished we were here Xmas week he would take us all to dinner.

December 11, 1925
Packed my gifts for home and am some tired. Sure using encore here. H. Gordon was here and left note for Lucille at desk. Amateur night. Little girl like Bonnie made me cry.

December 12, 1925
Took train to Dupont-Canadian National to Port Huron. Some foreigners on with long tassel caps. Stayed all night at Port Huron (summer resort).

December 13, 1925
Took White Star bus to Mt. Clemens mineral health resort. Our bus hit Ford car. No one hurt. Took electric to Detroit. Stayed at Victory Annex all night.

December 14, 1925
Took boat to Windsor Ont. Canada. Staying at Prince Edward. Wonderful hotel. Dolly, Lucille & I went to Detroit for Chow Mein and mail at Wolverine.

December 15, 1925
My darling called me. Oh so wonderful. Richard Vinton here. Only two shows. Mary & I went to Detroit for mail and supper and Vinton trio. Dolly & I went for long walk and took breathing exercises.

December  16, 1925
Mary & I went to Detroit. Rehearsal with Wrights. We three had scrap with Lu about going to Detroit to live while laying off. She had a guy she wanted to stay for. We didn’t stay.

December 17, 1925
Left Windsor for Detroit and rehearsal at Grand Riviera. All got mad at Lu again for keeping us waiting at boat. Lost one for her. Saw Wright dancers. Staying at Fuller.

December 18, 1925
Rehearsal with Wrights at Grand Riviera. Had my hair Marcelled*** and went shopping with Dolly. Dolly & I went to dinner alone & surely enjoyed it. Mary, Art & I went to Capital & Briggs. Heard 17 rosebuds. sure great.

December 19, 1925
Left 9:10 for Louisville. Met Mr. Caroll. His cousin M. Clayton married Chas. Couch. Had supper in Cincinnati with him. Arrived Louis. 9:52. Visitors met us at National Theatre.

December 20, 1925
Geo. Mack took Lu & I  to dinner. Met Nan. Cy & Mamie Couch. Mr. Smith (Nancy’s Beau) took us there in car. Took me to Cunninghams, had beer & lunch then home. All glad to see me.

December 21, 1925
Sent last Xmas box home. Geo. Mack told Lu he sure admired me. Very few wives loved their husbands like I do after yrs. of married life.

December 22, 1925
Had dinner at Couches. Some good. Hot biscuits & all. Took cab and just barely made theatre on time. Mr. Butler clerk at Kenton Hotel knew Couches so had nice visit.

December 23, 1925
Had dinner at the Watterson and it sure made me lonesome for my darling. Mr. McGuire sat with us and had a delightful chat. Same old lady at desk as when we were here.

December 24, 1925
Took electric at 7:45 for Indianapolis. Had breakfast on buffet car. Some excitement at theatre over my darling ring. Had tree and party in kids’ room at Lincoln Hotel. McGuire mixed Golden Fizz.

December 25, 1925
Oh such a day. Mr. McGuire gave us grand dinner in Italian room at Lincoln. Telegram & special from my love & babes. Dolly & I both wanted to cry over my ring. Mgr of Keith’s gave banquet at Athletic Club for all.

December 26, 1925
Last night Ned Norworth**** was toast master. Had lunch in dressing room & Mr. Cogley gave us French pastry & candy. Left for Gary Ind. on pullman.

December 27, 1925
Arrived at Hammond took street car for Gary. My darling gave me a wonderful surprise and came to Gary. He took Lu, Mr. McGuire & me to dinner. Took train to Chi. at 1:16 pm.

December 28, 1925
Met Dolly & Mary at Grant Hotel. Sig & I went to La Blanc’s. Called Dolly & Mary but only Dolly in so we three had dinner.  Went to State lake and then visited.

December 29, 1925
Slept late. Had breakfast in hotel coffee shop. Heard Paul Ash***** at McVickers****** Dinner at north American. Dolly, Mary, Lu & Em came in our room and we had high balls. Sure enjoyed having my lover.

December 30, 1925
Kids left for Peoria at 1 p.m. Sig & I went to Chicago theater then to dinner. My doll came to station with me. I left at 5:33 and Sig at 6:35 for home. I had some cry on train. Arrived at 9:55

December 31, 1925
Three shows with after piece. Thru at eleven thirty. Mary, Lu & I went to chop house then to Ingleterra Hall. I played sousaphone with ten piece men band for dance.


**Largest Sanitarium in the World


****Ned Norworth

*****Paul Ash


Mareen and Mildred with the Marcel Wave

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