November 1,1925
Arrived Chi. 6:45 a.m. Played swell shows at Harper.* Mr. LaBlanc was here and sure liked it. He sure kids me since I refused to play. Dolly says he likes me for it.

November 2, 1925
Have these days off. Ruth, Emily, Mary & I went all thru Marshall Fields. Oh so swell. Bought my darling a Xmas gift. Goose chase for the old boat. Went to Jackson Park.

November 3, 1925
Hard rehearsal with Mrs. Wright. Got costumes. Went to shop for fittings. LaBlanc had trouble with O’Connor sisters**. Met Bernice Rice. Had dinner with Harry Stein.

November 4, 1925
Another rehearsal. Had dinner with Harry Stein. Bought tickets for us to see (Palace) Abe Lyman***. Took us to lunch and home. The Indian of Corson band drunk. Rapped at door 1:30 to 3:30

November 5, 1925
Arrived Gary Ind. 11:30 a.m. Met Mr. Willard  the man who grows**** and Alma & Harold Voltz. Had dinner at Y.W.C.A. and Mr Willard asked to walk to theater with us.

November 6, 1925
Had rehearsal. Mr. Willard took Lucille and I to dinner. Went to steel mills. Largest in U.S. Harold with us. Took cab to see city. Had lunch with Mr. Willard after show.

November 7, 1925
Have new costumes. Mrs. Wright here. Mr. Willard and Voltz kids gave me their pictures. Had lunch with Mrs. Wright & Mr. McGuire. Leave for Detroit 1:08.

November 8, 1925
Arrived 9 a.m. Grand Riviera Theater*****. Oh so beautiful. Seats 3000. Working on finale with whole show. Doing fine but rather hard. 4 shows, 3 finales, last one at 10:55

November 9, 1925
Swell day. 2 shows. We have fine rooms in private home. Sure seems good. Had real beer from Toronto and dinner in home. Singer & dancer put in our act.

November 10, 1925
Mary & I went shopping. Bought Ruth’s Xmas gift. Took jitney which was a seven passenger car with a radio going all the time. Dolly, Lucille & I had call from stage mgr. Went to Ham Tramik. (Possibly the town of Hamtramck, MI) Linda

November 11, 1925
Wonderful day. Sam LeVie, David West, Dolly, Mary & I went thru Ford plant, drove to Palmer Woods, Lincoln plant. Went thru all the engineering rooms & cooling systems of theater.

November 12, 1925
Rained all day. Lucille and I were invited to have beer & lunch with all the other acts. Saranoff, Garabelle, Joy Brothers, Doris Roche.

November 13, 1925
Some day. We four went with Mr. LeVie to Belle Isle, (Grosse Pointe Billionaire row). Trip along Lake Erie. In all about 80 miles. Took us to lunch

November 14, 1925
Dolly & I went to supper. Waited for the kids but they didn’t come. Missed them by waiting wrong place. (Louise, Elenor, Bernice & Babe are called 4 horsemen)

November 15, 1925
Played Kramer Theater******. Rained on us on stage. Made beautiful scene in Minnetonka with spot light. Lucille met Mr. Lee – took us & other guy to have beer.

November 16, 1925
Took electric to Pontiac this a.m. Went shopping. Dorothy kicked Louise’s horn on stage. Some fight. Dorothy’s mother said they are leaving the act in 2 weeks.

November 17, 1925
Mary & I went shopping Sent Jo present. Mary, Babe, Lucille & I went to Grotto indoor circus, Masonic order. Had lunch.

November 18, 1925
Just plain packing day. Left Pontiac on bus at 10:45. Mr. McGuire got some kick of Lucille’s remark. Mildred is going to have her tooth pulled & everything.

November 19, 1925
Had a swell time. Lucille, Dolly, Mary & I went on boat to Windsor Canada. Had beer. Had my tooth pulled. Took picture of Canadian cops. Mary, Art, Richard & I went to a swell cabaret. Bill $15

November 20, 1925
Mary, Dolly & I went to Art’s to dine. Went Xmas shopping, got new hat. Mary, Art & I went to Capitol Theater, Greystone ball room, Briggs Cafe for chow mein, two orchestras for dancing.

November 21, 1925
Took electric to Ypsilanti. Played at Wuerts. Took pictures at a normal school. Minn. Mich. football game at Ann Arbor. Some cars going thru. Strained eyes for Minn. car.

November 22, 1925
Palace at Flint******* – 4 shows today. Like old times, real applause. Met Mr. Dennison of Mpls. Took Lucille & I to supper

November 23, 1925
Sent Thanksgiving pkgs. and candy to Mother & Dad & flowers to Mama. Met Earl Kline of Mpls. Took Lucille & I to chop house for chow mein.

November 24, 1925
Lucille & I  having lots of fun eating pastries & tea in dressing room. Earl took us to his home for highballs (not gin). Then we had supper in cafe.

November 25, 1925
Leaving on the beautiful blue bus for Aurora then to Jackson on train. Sure enjoyed it. Bus driver took us to cafe and waited for us to go back.

November 26, 1925
Oh what a Thanksgiving. Played at (Jackson) Mich. Penitentiary. Poor fellows went wild about it. Had grand program. Dinner in chapel with chaplain. Mr. Mack took Lucille & I to turkey dinner & 6 p.m. Jack Hanley show. Sure miss my darlings tonight.

November 27, 1925
The clerk had some time waking geo. the bell boy at Delvan. Mr Mack took Lucille & me to dinner. Bought us a box of candy. Rev. Hopp called on us tonight.

November 28, 1925
Rev. Hopp took Mary & I  all thru the pen. Mr. Mack took Lucille & I to dinner. Held electric 25 min. for us. Mack brought all sandwiches to train. Speedster raced us 55 mi. per.

November 29, 1925
Arrived Kalamazoo 1:30. Met Mpls. boy. New dancer. Not so good first day. Waiter in cafe gave Mary, Dolly Lu & me carnations.

November 30, 1925
Lucille & I went Xmas shopping. Bought Mareen’s gifts. Had supper with Mary & Dolly.

*More information about the Harper Theater

**Possibly she is referring to these O’Connor Sisters. I can’t find any info on Bernice Rice or Harry Stein.

***More information about Abe Lyman

****The Man Who Grows Mr. Willard. Alma & Harold Voltz were other Vaudeville players

*****Grand Riviera Theater

******Kramer Theater

*******Palace Theater