October 1, 1925
Babe is sick and Mareen got dinner for us all. Sig went to Leavenworth Kan. and to fight tonight. Fred took me to dinner.Jo just called and Mareen has a toothache.

October 2, 1925
Sig took us to Kansas City, Kan. Girls stayed with me all day – had dinner in town. Lucille with us. Drove around K.C. quite a bit. Sig went with Jones.

October 3,1925
Called for Jo and went to Babe’s for dinner. Mareen spent afternoon with us. Took her to Babe’s after evening shows.

October 4, 1925
Sure saw some of the slumming district this night. Mr & Mrs Jones took us to supper & dance, then to a black & tan cabaret and then to a real bowery dance & cabaret.

October 5, 1925
Babe & Jo had dinner with us in our apt. Went to their house after the show.

October 6, 1925
Played at K.C. Kan. for style show – Harry Kenell & wife & mother took Lucille & I  all thru K.C. Important boulevards and then got barbecue sandwiches.

October 7, 1925
Played at K.C. Kan. again. Went with Lucille’s mother to depot.

October 8, 1925
Played for K.C.A.C. at noon and had luncheon. Went bowling at Mr. Sackerts place and then he took us to chili house. Sig sick when I got home.

October 9, 1925
Al Sutton & friends, Mr & Mrs Jones, Babe & Jo & kids all visited us at apt. Sig sick in bed.

October 10, 1925
Campes spent all day with us. My last day at K.C. Left my darlings at depot with Mr. Jones. Left for St. Louis 11:55 p.m.

October 11, 1925
Arrived St. Louis 7:30 a.m. Louise too sick to play afternoon shows but we did well. Last show well again and we sure stopped show. Emily & I went to movie.

October 12, 1925
Swell brunch at theater. After each show we play 500. Emily, Fred & I went to cafe and had beer and lunch. Refused to play matinee unless we got raise.

October 13, 1925
Unlucky 13 – Freddie got 2 weeks notice to leave. Mgr. Brennan Lucille Fred & I went to cabaret for beer and lunch. Raise in this week.

October 14, 1925
We now have three tables of 500 and give prizes. Mrs St. started it sure enjoy it. Mary, Fred & I had beer & lunch then visited Dolly & Mary.

October 15, 1925
Lucille, Mr. Brennan (mgr. of Grand) and I had lunch & beer after show. We had a lot of fun today playing 500. Took a whistling lesson from Ray Robbins.

October 16, 1925
500 game on again tonight. Lucille and I stopped in Freddie’s room tonight and Mr. Gregory and Mr. Robbins were there and made orange & gin highballs.

October 17, 1925
Met Cora Youngblood Corson*, noted Tuba soloist (Indiana). Leave for Quincy Ill. at 1:45 p.m. Lamp broke & Freddie so excited he flew across stage like a kid. No radium girls**

October 18, 1925
Arrived Quincy 5:40 a.m. Played three good shows. This is the Orpheum. Had dinner at Charlie’s Chicken Shack. Freddie drunk. Had us scared to death.

October 19, 1925
Called on Cora Corson at Wash. Square Theater and saw some grand instruments. Refused invitation to have Italian Spaghetti and wine at Charlie’s shop.

October 20, 1925
Took pictures of Washington Park. Met Mr & Mrs Welsh. Had lunch in their apt. Went with Eleanor to buy coat.

October 21, 1925
Mr & Mrs Welsh called on me at the theater. The ghost walked. Played cards at depot until train time. Left 1:17 a.m. for Galesburg arrived 4:50 a.m.

October 22, 1925
Great shows. Mr. LaBlanc came tonight. We get two new sets of costumes & all new drops (maybe). Called me a bomb thrower for stinking, but he liked it at that. Kissed Lucille & me.

October 23, 1925
Dad, owner of main hotel cooked chili and invited us all to eat after the shows tonight. He sure is a friend of the show people.

October 24, 1925
Bought Hallowe’en things for kids. Mary, Emily, Babe & I went to dance at Wests. Had supper and left for Streator at 2:08 a.m.

October 25, 1925
Arrived 5:A.M. this morning. Only two shows today. Freddie took Lucille and I to dinner as it is his last Sunday with us.

October 26, 1925
Left Streator 7:45 – changed cars at Winona. Arrived Bloomington 11:30. Dolly, Mary , Lucille & I have a suite of rooms at the Hamilton. Freddie leaves 2:45 tonight.

October 27, 1925
Lucille and I went shopping. Bought Mapol’s & Goldie’s*** Xmas presents at jewelry store. Wonderful shows. Mary laughed so hard. We all laughed ourselves sick.

October 28, 1925
We sure had a circus on our way to Decatur tonight. Took the electric and such beautiful scenery. Moonlight on fresh snow. Mgr. McGuinn sure swell.

October 29, 1925
Shows not so good today. Bum house to play in. Bought overshoes as it is snowing.

October 30, 1925
Sure nothing doing in this place.

October 31, 1925
The old man that owns the Empress Apts. asked for our picture for the lobby. Mary, Babe, Emily, Lucille & I went to Hallowe’en dance but left after one dance. All hicks.

*More information on Cora Youngblood Corson (Unfortunately the pictures don’t show up)

**I assume the stage lamps contained radium and Mildred is referring to the girls who died from exposure to radium

***Mapol and Goldie are Mildred’s sisters as is Babe (Antoinette)