One of the first pictures of the orchestra. I believe the man pictured is Ted Lewis who was a famous banjo player in that era. Not sure if he actually played in the orchestra or just knew Mildred. Diary entries continue below. Linda. 

September 1, 1925
Mrs. Henry, Dorothy & I walked to beach. Took pictures. Show good. Met Hofter & Paul. Got telegram from Sig. Feel much better than all week.

September 2, 1925
Slept till 11:AM. Had matinee. First since Sun. Good rehearsal which put show over good tonight. Refused invitation to beer garden with L. & Jack. Met Hofter & Paul.

September 3, 1925
Met a nut that wanted me to run away so Bernice & I framed she was my daughter. We are all getting quite a kick out of it.

September 4, 1925
Mary, Nick, his friend and I went to the green Parrot cafe for supper and danced. Sure enjoyed it. Lake MIch. at Chi. has three pumping stations with tunnel under Lake to city.

September 5, 1925
Last show tonight at the Englewood. Sure went over big today. Mary, Dolly & I had supper at 12: P.M. Scared stiff coming home.

September 6, 1925
Opening day at Majestic. Stopped both shows tonight. Knox & Inman here. All went to supper. Italian celebration w/fireworks. Just heard big crash of an accident.

September 7, 1925
Julie & Nick came this morning. Refused invitation out with boys of revue. Heard Paul Ash’s wonder Orchestra at McVicker’s. Mrs. H, Dorothy, Fred & I went to supper.

September 8, 1925
Shopped at Bonton store. Used moving stairway. Sure got a kick out of that. Had dinner at Berghoff’s German Cafe. Stopped show tonight.

September 9, 1925
I am so lonesome for my sweet little family. After the show we all took cabs to cafe for supper.

September 10, 1925
Mrs. Franklin’s friend Mr. Hamilton, and his friend called on me at theater. Rode in tram to town after show.

September 11, 1925
Received lots of nice letters. Stopped show. Manager told Mr. La Blanc we have a swell act. Nick called to see me at Walton to say goodbye.

September 12, 1925
Leaving for South Bend. All of us girls went to wrong depot. Freddie wild. Had to stop train for us. Had a circus on train. Took South Shore Electric. 75 miles per hr.

September 13, 1925 (Mareen’s birthday)
Miss Mareen so today. This is a beautiful city. Laughed myself sick at show. Airs started slow drag in Dixie while we were playing Lento. Emily  hit cymbal in air. Dorothy kicked trombone. Just a scream.

September 14, 1925
Last night Jack Hanly took Lucille and I in a nice car to a home for beer. Met Mr. & Mrs. Walsh & Jack Landon. This a.m. went to park took pictures of Mishiwaka river.

September 15, 1925
Visited the Notre Dame U. Went thru buildings. First N.D. 1843 – with $400. Francis Neo offered to take us thru. Registered at library.

September 16, 1925
Went thru Studebaker museum. Notes in scrapbook. Had scrap with Lucille over Jack Hanly. I was kidding him and she flared up. None of her affair.

September 17, 1925
Left South Bend 7:05. Arrived Chi. 9:15. Took South Shore Elec. No matinee and such a wonderful theater. Enjoyed it more than any so far. Show great.

September 18, 1925
Emily had a Columbia car today. Took Lucille & I for a ride. Received papers to sign for sale of our house. Went to White City. Had a wonderful time. 8 of us girls.

September 19, 1925
Finished at State – B & K producer heard us. Thinks it is great. Promised to do something for us. Dolly, Lucille & I rode to hotel with some young men in coach.

September 20, 1925
Left Chi. 7:28 a.m. Arrived Joliet 9:15 a.m. Played three shows at Orph. Asked us to play at State Pen but didn’t come for us. Next 3 days off.

September 21, 1925
Visited Pen both old an new. Had special privilege thru mgr. of theater. Put us in solitary confinement with handcuffs on. Notes in scrapbook. Mary, Dolly and I went to show.

September 22, 1925
Left for Wichita 10:45 a.m. Had grand time on train. Played 500 all afternoon. Dinner & lunch on diner. Babe, Jo & Jr. met me at K.C.  Gee I was excited. Drew straws for berths. Got upper.

September 23, 1925
Dolly, Mary & I had circus all day. Dolly & I had our hair cut & shampoo in barber college. Went thru all hock shops. Did lots of shopping. Riverside Park on street car.

September 24, 1925
Opened with a good show. All went to carnival last night and then had Hot Tamales and beer.

September 25, 1925
Dolly, Mary & I have sure seen this town. Avis sick had to play 1st show without her. Got another good trombone player here. She used music but did fine.

September 26, 1925
Poor little Avis operated on for appendicitis. Condition fine. Show going great even with change. Leave tonight for K.C. at 12:10

September 27, 1925
Arrived K.C. 7:15 a.m. Missed Babe & Jo took cab to their apt. Babe spent P,M. shows with me and Jo Jr.

September 28, 1925
Babe’s place too far out so had dinner with Mrs. Henry & Dorothy in apt. Some surprise My darlings came at 8 p.m. Sure tickled me. Got apt. at Del Ray

September 29, 1925
Mareen & Bonnie stay at Jo’s and Sig & I had dinner with them. All the kids and Babe stayed in town with me all day. Sig took them home & stayed for dinner.

September 30, 1925
Babe’s kids stayed with me all day. Sig went out with Detective Jones & Burns. Saw lot of tough places. Brought me some wine. I was sure nervous & cried.