August 13, 1925
Our orchestra opened as headliner at Orpheum St. Paul. Mr. Schulte gave theater party. Mrs. Franklin the supper. gave me beautiful flowers on stage & spray. Mr. Wright so well pleased over opening kissed all

August 14, 1925
Went over like a top. Mr. Mahony gave Lucille flowers she gave us each one. Sig called for me. Bernice & I confided in prayers.

August 15, 1925
Eva gave me this beautiful diary. Sat. night biggest hit. Sig & Babe & Julie were there. All got flowers from Cosmopolitan. Left for Des Moines 11 pm. Goldie and Lawrence met us at Depot. Sig and Babe took me to Depot.

August 16, 1925
For Goldie’s benefit – on leaving Mpls. Porter said to me “are you in birth (sic) 56? I’ll be right in.
Lucille lost purse. Manager refused to let Dorothy dance. Second show ok. All signed contract & cried. Stopped show for our applause at last show. Supper with Mr. Wright and Lucille

August 17, 1925
Show went over big but oh so homesick. cried. Mr. Wright talked to me and promised big success. Lucille & I went to chop house.

August 18, 1925
Good show. Cried again. Bought mama’s birthday gift today. Lucille, Mary, Dolly & I went riding with Dan M. stage manager.

August 19, 1925
Had dandy luncheon at Harris Amery Tea Room with Mrs. Fifield. Bought Radio bingo for Mareen & Bonnie. Show a knock out all day. All went to chop house

August 20, 1925
Day off. Mr Wright left for Chi. Lucille & I went to Armands & Fitch’s factories. Went to dinner and then to Capitol Theatre. Left for Rochester 10:10 p.m.

August 21, 1925
Just came back from Rochester State Hospital and Mayo Clinic. Visited the Colonial. All hospitals here managed by Mayo. Gee I wish I was home with my sweetie.

August 22, 1925
Took sightseeing bus all thru Rochester and all Mayo properties. Talk about tickled – all my babies met me here. Lucille, Dolly, Freddie, Sig & I had party in my room.

August 23, 1925
Lucille & I drove home with Sig & girls. Left 7:20 a.m. arrived mpls. 10:30 (oh so sick) Played four shows at 7th St. All good. My Sweetie with me all day.

August 24, 1925
Nothing unusual happened. All shows good. But oh so happy to be home with my kiddies. Maureen helped Mr. Knox play the ukelele.

August 25, 1925
Spent most of day in bed until time for the show. Sig took Dolly & I riding between shows. It sure is wonderful to have him call for me.

August 26, 1925
Sigler, Mareen, Bonnie and I had dinner at Cassidys but had to leave at once for the show. All stayed with me behind stage.

August 27, 1925
Lucille & Dorothy & Dolly all got flowers. Lucille gave us all a rose and sweet peas.

August 28, 1925
Eva & Tom met Sig at 9 P.M. came back stage for show then Lucille & Mr. Hamby went with us to Nankin for supper. Ended our party at Cassidys

August 29, 1925
Leave for Chi. 10:45. My daddy with me. nice crowd to see us off and Mareen & Bonnie gave me a beautiful bouquet & card. I sure hated to leave them. Sig & I visited with Jack Handy in his dressing room.

August 30, 1925
Everything wrong. Piano half tone low at Lincoln . Lights all wrong. Second show better. Took cab to Hotel.

August 31, 1925
Sig & I heard Lopez girls band. Good. Walked to Lake Beach with my lover. Shopped at Marshall Fields. Went to Speakeasy with Lucille & Jack. Had beer. Took cab to Depot to see Sig. Left 11:00 P.M. for home. Found a sweet note on dresser from my daddy.

Bonnie, Mildred, Sigler, Mareen
Bonnie, Mildred, Sigler and Mareen Couch